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About the co-founders

Fred got his start in the real estate business years ago on the construction management side. Fred specifically was in the business of framing homes for production builders here in the Pacific Northwest employing crews to frame new homes. He was involved in this niche for over
15 years.

Fred received his education by attending the University of Washington earning a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Financing. He then worked in a management capacity for home builders here in the Pacific Northwest in roles including Superintendent, Construction Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Project manager for two national homebuilders.

Fred then decided to move into mortgage financing working as a mortgage loan officer and ending up in his role with Northwest
Home Contractors.

James Cook-Mechling has more than 15 years of business management experience combined with an equal amount of finish construction and remodeling experience. He prides himself on attention to detail and strict adherence to timelines.

He has more than 25 years of computer administration and technical experience. He likes to use technology in order to benefit both contractors and customers by allowing our build or remodel to be seen and manipulated throughout its work phase.

Additionally, James is a veteran. Some of the employees in our company are also veterans.

Our Mission

We locate distressed properties in the Pacific Northwest. We either buy or contract with the seller creating a plan of how to bring a good home to market thereby improving local neighborhoods and values.

We take care of managing the renovation, we market the home for a fair price giving a way for sellers to make money from homes that are in need of resources they don’t have. After we make the planned improvements we competitively market the home at a pricing level designed to sell in under 30 days providing timely revenue for the seller, we make a profit, and the buyer is able to purchase an updated home
of great value.

The mission of the team is to be a one-stop shop providing sales, marketing, financing, and contracting services making this a seamless experience for all involved.

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